Best Beginner Surfboards

The biggest mistake you can make when first starting out is getting a board that’s too small for you! When I started surfing, I had dreams of riding on a shortboard within the first week - not the case! 

Starting out on a longer soft board will increase your chances of catching waves, improving your technique and decreasing your chances of getting injured. You’ll also want something that looks cute at the beach and from a company that has sustainable initiatives. 

If you’ve never surfed before, I’d recommend starting out on a rental board over 8 feet with lots of volume until you can get the hang of standing up in the whitewash. Once you’re ready to go out the back, grab one of the boards below and start cruising. 

I’d also have a think about what kind of surfer you want to be. My partner asked me that question once and I truly had no idea what the answer was - I didn’t realize there were so many different options! I now know my answer would be a cruisey, longboarding girl who loves tropical waters and small waves. Trying out a few different boards, different breaks and different conditions will give you a lot of insight into what kind of boards you want to invest in. 

My three favourite beginner boards: 

1. Softlite Chopstick

The Softlite Chopstick is so much fun! It is a mini mal shape and comes in a 7’0”, 7’6”, 8’0” and 9’0”. It’s ideal for learning and beginners, wide all the way to the front for extra stability, paddles easily and continues to be fun once you are more of an intermediate surfer. Bonus: it comes in a million colours!  

2. Spooked Kooks Dead Hippie 

Spooked Kooks has a mission to make the best performing and most durable soft boards containing as much recycled plastic waste as possible. 100% of all the high-density polyethylene used in their boards is recycled post-consumer plastic waste including the underside of the board, leash plug, fin boxes, fins and fin key. The Dead Hippie is my favourite board of theirs, comes in a 7 foot and an 8 foot size and tons of cute colours! 

The DH is fun for all skill levels. Easy to paddle, easy to stand up on and easy to trim. This board is ideal for beginners but also perfect for intermediate-level and advanced surfers who want to beat the crowds on those smaller days.

3. Mick Fanning Softboards Super Soft 

This is a true softboard built utilizing traditional construction techniques, Super Soft is lightweight, extremely durable, flexible and perfect for entry level surfers or to use finless! 

The volume is really well distributed for such a large board with a generous outline that provides a stable platform for catching waves and is the perfect board for those looking to progress their surfing to the next level or as an alternative to a longboard. It also has a handle for those of us not blessed with super long arms and makes it easier to carry! 

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